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+1 415 643 7773

128 Texas Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
+1 415 643 7773

128 Texas Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
+1 415 643 7773


AN Interior: 2020 Top 50

"AN Interior reveals its top 50 interior firms for 2020: Top of the Heap", article features IwamotoScott as one of AN Interior's Top 50 Interiors firms for 2020, the Editors, Architect's Newspaper AN Interior.


ArchDaily: Architecture News

"IwamotoScott Selected to Design a New Ivy Tech Building in Columbus, Indiana", article features IwamotoScott as winner of commission to design new Ivy Tech campus building in Columbus IN, C.Harrouk, ArchDaily.


Architect's Newspaper: Community Building

"IwamotoScott Architecture is designing Ivy Tech Community College’s new campus building", article features IwamotoScott as winner of commission to design new Ivy Tech campus building in Columbus IN, S.Reiner-Roth, Architect's Newspaper.


The Republic: Local News

"Mapping out the future: Nationwide architects propose designs for new Ivy Tech campus", article features IwamotoScott as winner of commission to design new Ivy Tech campus building in Columbus IN, S.Thomas, The Republic newspaper, Columbus IN.


Architect's Newspaper: Cooper Troopers

"Cooper Hewitt celebrates 20 years of National Design Awards with 2019 winners", article features IwamotoScott among coverage of winners of the 20th Cooper Hewitt Design Awards, J.Hillburg, Architect's Newspaper.


Interior Design: Hall of Fame

"Hall of Fame Honorees Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott Focus on Structure, Materials and Form", Hall of Fame inductees feature in Best of Year issue, E.Cohen, Interior Design magazine, December issue.


Architectural Record Women in Architecture Awards

"Fifth Annual Women in Architecture Awards Honors Trailblazers", Lisa Iwamoto honored as Next Generation Leader, A.Klimoski, Architectural Record magazine, June issue's Architecture News.


Celebrating Excellence in Wood Architecture

"2017-18 North American Wood Design Award Winners" Bloomberg Tech Hub and Pinterest NY projects featured in 384p publication of award winners, Canadian Wood Council.


Design Process in Architecture

“Museum of Polish History”, project featured in The Design Process in Action chapter, G. Makstutis, L. King.


Log 43: The Issue of Geometry

Goto House featured, discussed & diagrammed in "Geometric Observations". C.Wu, Log 43, The Issue of Geometry, Anyone Corporation, Summer 2018.


Architectural Record: House of the Month

"Goto House by Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott: In Napa County, a vacation house's odd geometry creates an intriguing relationship between inside and out", Goto House featured as "House of the Month", A.Klimoski, BNP Media, July issue.


FRAME: FRAME Awards 2018

"Pinterest Headquarters, San Francisco", Pinterest HQ featured as "Large Office of the Year, People's Choice", Editors, FRAME magazine, May-June issue.


Interior Design: "Office Insider" issue

"Re-Pin It: Pinterest taps IwamotoScott for a Board-worthy Headquarters in San Francisco", Pinterest HQ2 project featured in Office Insider issue, L.Lee, Interior Design magazine, May issue.


A+U: San Francisco, Urban Transformations

"Pinterest HQ, IwamotoScott Architecture and Brereton Architects", Pinterest HQ featured in "Creative Production" section of feature issue on recent work in San Francisco, C.Hartman, A+U 571, 18:04 issue.


Architect magazine: Innovative Detail

"Pinterest's New York Office Scissor Stair" "A geometric, wood-clad volume designed by IwamotoScott becomes the heart of the multistory office for the online cataloging and social media platform." Innovative Detail feature on Pinterest NYC Scissor Stair, T.Schuler, Architect magazine, November issue.


ACADIA 2017 Disciplines + Disruption

"ACADIA Digital Practice Award of Excellence: IwamotoScott", feature on annual award recipient. ACADIA 2017 Disciplines + Disruption: Project Catalog of the 37th Annual Conference of the Association of Computer Aided Design in Architecture. J.Lamere & C.P.Alonso, 2017, MIT.


Architect magazine: AIA Institute Honor Awards

"AIA Institute Honor Awards in Interior Architecture: Pinterest HQ", project featured among award winners, I.Volner, Architect magazine, April issue.


The Fundamentals of Product Design, 2nd Ed.

"Innovation: Jellyfish House by IwamotoScott", R.Morris, Bloomsbury.


Adaptation: Strategies for Interior Architecture and Design

"Installation: Heavybit Industries", G.Brooker, Bloomsbury.


Architect’s Newspaper

"Best Of Awards", Pinterest HQ featured among award winners, December issue.


Architectural Record

"Pin-Worthy: A technology company with design roots refines its ideal workspace", Pinterest HQ featured, L.Lee, BNP Media, August issue.


San Francisco Chronicle

"Noe Valley’s House of Tomorrow", Duncan Street House featured, June 26.


The Washington Post

”Parking Outside the Lines”, Miami Garage featured, May 7.


Surface magazine

"Ideas in Design: Miami Garage”, project featured, D.Basulto, December ‘15/January '16.


Architect’s Newspaper

"Best Of Awards", Bloomberg Tech Hub & Miami Garage featured among award winners, December issue.


DO!: Material Digital Local Social

IwamotoScott work featured, 13th Intl. Alvar Aalto Symposium Catalogue, Jyvaskyla Finland.


Architectural Record

"Market Driven: A financial powerhouse employs architecture and craft to dramatize its technology.", Bloomberg Tech Hub in “Record Interiors”, L.Lee, BNP Media, September issue.


Idea, Form, Resonance: 30 Years of Emerging Voices

IwamotoScott featured among recipients of Emerging Voices award, The Architectural League of New York, Princeton Architectural Press.


Fundamentals of Interior Architecture

”Modeling” chapter, Jellyfish House featured, J.Coles, Lawrence King.


Expanded Field: Installation Architecture Beyond Art

“Voussoir Cloud” featured, I.Berman/D.Burnham, AR+D / ORO Editions.


The Language of Architecture

”Fabrication” chapter, Protocell Line Array featured, A.Simitch/V.Warke, Rockport.


Working Spaces Today,

"Heavybit Industries", project featured, J.Krauel, Links International, Barcelona.


Modern Decoration magazine

“Heavybit Industries”, features Heavybit on cover, Shenzhen, January issue.


Architect’s Newspaper

"First Annual Best Of Awards", Heavybit Industries featured among award winners, January issue.


Architectural Record

"Open Platform: Treating weighty materials with a light hand, a local design team transforms a former warehouse into a communal workspace for cloud developers." Heavybit featured in “Women in Architecture Now” cover story, L.Anderson, BNP Media, June issue.


DOMA DNES magazine

“Ecomesta Budoucnosti (Eco Cities)”, Hydro-Net featured, F. Grygera, July issue.


Design Bureau magazine

“Come Together: Step Inside…Heavybit Industries”, J. McDonnell, June issue.


New Public Works

”Flemington JCC”, Flemington project featured, M.Robins, Princeton Architectural Press.


Top One Architecture

"Jellyfish House", project featured, Y.Zhifeng, Pace Books Ltd., Shanghai.


Innovative High-rise Buildings

"Edgar Street Towers", project featured, S.Jia editor, Art Power, Shenzhen.


SF Bay Guardian

“Nice Builds: AIA SF Awards Highlight Cool New Architecture”, One Kearny featured, May 8 issue.


Wonder Wood: A Favorite Material for Design, Architecture and Art.

"Voussoir Cloud", project featured, B. Glasner, Birkhauser, Basel.


FRAME magazine

“The Unbearable Lightness of Heavybit”, M.Webb, Amsterdam NL, May/June issue.


Synthetic Digital Ecologies

“HexCell Steel & HexCell Fabric” projects featured, Proceedings from 2012 ACADIA conference.


The Office Idea Book: Creative Solutions that Work

"Obscura Digital", project featured, J.Shepard, RSD Publishing Inc.


Bio Design: Nature Science Creativity

"HydroNet SF 2108", project featured. W. Myers, Museum of Modern Art, Thames and Hudson, London.


I.Space: Office

Workspace projects featured, Choi Ji-hyun, Volume 4, Archiworld Co., Ltd., Seoul.


Dreamwork Space 2: Working is Fun

“Obscura Digital HQ” project featured, A.Fang, Designer Books, China


Old Buildings, New Designs: Architectural Transformations

“One Kearny Lobby” project featured, C.Bloszies, Princeton Architectural Press.


Architect magazine

“Fab Four”, Lisa Iwamoto interviewed on digital fabrication, B.Libby, Hanley Wood, January issue


Interior Design Best Of Year Awards 2011

“2011 Best of Year Award: Public Space”, One Kearny Lobby featured among award winners, Sandow Media book.


Architectural Record: Design Vanguard

"Design Vanguard 2011: IwamotoScott" feature on this year's honorees, McGraw Hill, December issue


Interior Design magazine - Best Of Year 2011

“2011 Best of Year Award: Public Space”, One Kearny Lobby featured among award winners, December issue.


Architecture: A Woman’s Profession

Lisa Iwamoto featured among influential women architects, T.Kullak, Jovis.


WorkShop: Creative Commercial Space + Concept
"Obscura Digital Headquarters", project featured, Issue 02, Chois Gallery, China


Celebrating Excellence in Wood Structures

"2010-11 North American Wood Design Award Winners" Lightfold One Kearny Lobby project featured in catalogue of award winners, Canadian Wood Council.


ACADIA 2011 Proceedings

“Voussoir Cloud” project featured, Proceedings from the 2011 ACADIA conference.


California Home + Design: Ten to Watch

“Ten to Watch: 10 Hot New Architects You Need To Know” featuring IwamotoScott among honorees, September-October issue.


Futuristic: Visions of Future Living

“IwamotoScott: HydroNet, 2108” project featured, C.Klein, DAAB Media, Germany.


MATTER: Material Processes in Architecture

"IwamotoScott" work featured, M. Meredith, Routledge



"Space Share", feature article on Obscura Digital & IwamotoScott offices, L. Lee, June issue.


Vertical Density

"Edgar Street Towers", project featured, Madrid, Future Books.



"IwamotoScott Architecture", Hydro-Net, Jellyfish House, Voussoir Cloud featured, no.70, April issue, Tallinn.


Contract: Interiors Awards

“2011 Interiors Awards”, One Kearny Lobby: Lightfold featured among winners, January issue


Contemporary Digital Architecture

"Voussoir Cloud" project featured & on cover, D. Kotas, Links Books.


100 Global Architectural Schemes

"Edgar Street Towers, Lower Manhattan", project featured, China, DUTP.


Urban Environment Design

"Installation Process: IwamotoScott, Voussoir Cloud", project featured, UED #047, October issue.



“Houses We Love”, PS House featured, October issue.


Machinic Processes: Architecture Biennial Beijing

"2010 Architects: IwamotoScott", Edgar Street Towers, One Kearny , Voussoir Cloud featured, N.Leach/X.Weiguo, China Architecture & Building Press.


B1: Be One Magazine

"A Model For The Future: Edgar Street Towers" project featured & on cover, Bangkok, August issue.


Building With Water: Concepts/Typology/Design

"Jellyfish House / IwamotoScott Architecture", project featured, Z.Ryan, Birkhauser.


Concept magazine

"Edgar Street Towers", project featured, Concept vol.135, July issue.


Architect’s Newspaper

“Open>Lobby: One Kearny Lobby by IwamdotoScott”, One Kearny project featured, June issue.



”Fantastic Foyer: The Architecture of Iwamoto & Scott”, LightFold, Voussoir Cloud projects featured, May issue.


AD: Territory

“Amphibious Territories”, Hydro-Net project featured, I.Berman, ed. D. Gissen, Architectural Design magazine, May issue


California Home + Design

"2010 SF AIA Awards", Edgar Street Towers project featured, May issue


The Outlook magazine

”New Energy Revolution” Hydro-Net project featured, May issue


Why Design Now? National Design Triennial

”Energy: Hydro-Net SF 2108”, Hydro-Net project featured, exhibition catalogue, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.


San Francisco Chronicle

”Iwamoto, Scott Moving From Theory to Architecture”, J.King, March 30.


Architecture: An Introduction

“Jellyfish House”, project featured in The Future chapter, G. Makstutis, L. King.



“Brave New Green World”, Hydro-Net project featured in article on visionary urbanism, February issue.



“Future Architecture”, Hydro-Net SF 2108 project featured, January issue


Archi-Manual: Design Concept Script Process

"Jellyfish House", project featured in atlas of contemporary architecture, AADCU.


AD: Neoplasmatic Design

“Getting Wet About Urban Design”, Hydro-Net project featured, N. Spiller, Nov/Dec issue.


SPA-DE - Space & Design

"Voussoir Cloud", project featured, SPA-DE magazine, Tokyo, Vol.12



“Hydro-Net San Francisco”, Hydro-Net project featured, September issue.


Architectural Record
“Bay Watch”, Jellyfish House featured in article on new Bay Area architecture, M. Schwartzer, September issue.


Architect magazine: 3rd Annual R&D Awards

"Voussoir Cloud" project featured among R&D Award winners, August issue.


Seismograph City: Sustainable Strategies in Architecture

"Hydro-Net", project featured in exhibition catalogue, Warsaw PL.


The Fundamentals of Product Design

"Operations: Jellyfish House by IwamotoScott", R.Morris, AVA Publishing.



“Architectural Conjecture, Urban Speculation”, Jellyfish House project featured, G. Manaugh, Chronicle Books.


Architecture & Culture

“Ordos 100: Villa 043”, Ordos Villa project featured, Korea, #337, June issue.


AD: Theoretical Meltdown

“Digital Morphogenesis”, Voussoir Cloud project featured, N. Leach, Architectural Design, January issue.


1000x Architecture of the Americas

"Jellyfish House", project featured, Verlag Haus - Braun.


California magazine

“Designs of the Times”, Hydro-Net featured, October issue.


Los Angeles Times

“Forecast: Cloudy”, Voussoir Cloud project featured, August 7.


Popular Science

“Green Megalopolis”, Jellyfish House featured, July issue.


California Home + Design

"2008 SF AIA Awards", Hydro-Net & PS1 featured among award winners, May issue.



"Competition Winner: Hydro-Net", project featured, Korea, Archiworld no.145.


Living Design

“Puzzle”, Voussoir Cloud featured, May issue.


San Francisco magazine

“Click: History Channel City of the Future”, Hydro-Net image featured, April issue.



“The Design Issue: Natural Selection”, Jellyfish House featured, SEED magazine, April issue.



"Jellyfish House", project featured, Trend magazine, Israel, April issue.


Architecture & Culture

“Jellyfish House”, project featured, Korea, #322, March issue.



"Hydro-Net", project featured, C3 magazine, Korea, March issue.


San Francisco Chronicle

“…What Our City Will Look Like…?” coverage of Hydro-Net project, City of the Future, J.King, Jan 29.


San Francisco Chronicle

“San Francisco City of the Future” coverage of Hydro-Net / City of the Future, J.King, Jan 21.


San Francisco Chronicle

“Envisioning the San Francisco of 2108”, coverage of Hydro-Net / City of the Future, J.King, Jan 18.


Transmaterial 2: Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment

"FiberOptic Room", project featured, B. Brownell, Princeton Architectural Press.


Praxis, No. 9: Expanding Surface

“Against the Grain: Crafting the Complex Surface, Rhomboid Origami”, IN-OUT Curtain featured, F.Tang, Praxis Journal of Writing + Building, No. 9.


Interior World: Design & Detail

"Digital Design: IwamotoScott", Jellyfish House & PS1 REEF projects featured, Korea, vol.61.


The Green Braid: ACSA Reader

“Fog House: Phenomenal Surface”, IwamotoScott article on Fog House, K. Tanzer/ R. Longoria editors, ACSA.


Urban Islands vol. 1: Cuttings

"Sydney Workshop", Jellyfish House featured, J. Jacovich, Sydney University.


I.D.: 53rd Annual Design Review

"I.D. Design Awards”, Jellyfish House featured among award winners, July/August issue.



“Walls of Water”, Jellyfish House featured in News section, Issue 905, July issue.


Architect’s Newspaper

“Wow Houses of the Future”, Jellyfish House featured, M. Webb, May 2


Los Angeles Times

“Live For Tomorrow”, article on Open House exhibition / Jellyfish House, April 14.


New York Times

“In Pasadena, A Look Forward”, article on Open House exhibition / Jellyfish House, M. Webb, April 12.



“Open House: Architecture & Technology for Intelligent Living”, article on exhibition / Jellyfish House, April issue.


Young Architects Americas

"Jellyfish House", project featured, E. Cullerton/M. Galindo, daab.


Architect magazine

“2007 Emerging Voices Honorees”, IwamotoScott mentioned among honorees, March issue.


Open House: Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living

Exhibition catalogue, Jellyfish House featured, Vitra Design Museum / Art Center College of Design.


SPACE magazine

“Entry 2006 / Open House exhibition”, Jellyfish House featured, September issue.


Entry Paradise: New Design Worlds

Open House exhibition, Jellyfish House featured, G.Seltmann, Birkhauser.


Metropolis: Next Generation

“Making Their Mark: Next Generation Runners Up”, IN-OUT Curtain featured, Metropolis magazine, July issue.


Transmaterial: Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment

IN-OUT Curtain featured, B. Brownell, Princeton Architectural Press.


5 x2: Research and the Making of Architecture

features various IwamotoScott projects, B.Mueller/M.Donohue, California College of the Arts.


Architecture: 52nd Annual P/A Awards

"2:1 House", project featured among Progressive Architecture Award winners, Architecture magazine, January issue.


7x7 magazine

"IN-OUT Curtain / Altered Practice Exhibition", 7x7 Media, November issue.


I.D.: 51st Annual Design Review

"I.D. Design Awards”, mOcean featured among award winners, I.D. magazine, July/August issue.


California Home + Design

"2005 SF AIA Awards", 2:1 House featured among award winners , May issue.


Egg magazine

“Egg News”, mOcean project featured, March issue.


Wallpaper*: Annual Design Directory

"25 Architects”, Fog House featured, July/August issue.


454 Projects for Paris 2012

Design Competition catalogue, Paris Olympic Landmark entries, Moire Tower featured, Pavillon de l'Arsenal.


Next Generation Architecture: Folds, Blobs and Boxes

"Fog House/Cleveland Case Study House", projects featured, J. Rosa, Rizzoli.



“Innovation 101: Hunting (for) High and Low”, Fog House featured, November/December issue.


Journal of Architectural Education

“Fog House: Phenomenal Surface”, JAE, November issue.


*Surface: Past, Present, Future

"SF AIA Best of Bay Awards" supplement, *Surface magazine, October issue.


Young Architects 4: Material Process

"IwamotoScott", various projects featured among Young Architects Prize honorees, Princeton Arch. Press.


New York Times

“What Style Spells Synagogue?”, Flemington JCC featured, December 2.


Architecture Boston magazine

“BSA Design Award Winners”, Flemington JCC featured, October issue.


House: Case Study Cleveland

eCompetition/exhibition catalogue, LiveWorkShop House featured, SPACES Gallery.


Ann Arbor News

“Affordable Innovation”, coverage of Case Study Cleveland exhibition / LiveWorkShop House project, May 25.


Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Redesigning America’s Dream House”, coverage of Case Study Cleveland / LiveWorkShop House project, May 18.


Architectural Record

“archrecord2: IwamotoScott - Migratory Architects Come Home", monthly feature on an emerging practices, April issue.


All American: Innovation in American Architecture

"Faculty Research Room" project featured, A.LeCuyer/B.Carter, Thames& Hudson.


Competitions magazine

“A ‘Box-ing’ Match in New Jersey”, Flemington JCC featured as 1st Prize winner, G.S.Collyer, Competitions magazine, Fall issue.


Flemington Jewish Community Center

Design competition catalogue, Flemington JCC First Prize entry featured among entrants, Flemington NJ.


Journal of Architectural Education

“Surface/Thickness Translated: Design Build as Vehicle”, article by Iwamoto/Scott, JAE, February issue.


I.D.: 46th Annual Design Review

"I.D. Design Awards”, Faculty Resource Room featured among award winners, July/August issue.